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Fracture Liaison service (West Berkshire)

If you’re over 50 and you’ve visited our fracture clinic at Royal Berkshire Hospital (RBH), we’ll assess you for osteoporosis to help minimise any future fractures.

If you’re at our fracture clinic and you’re over 50, our nurse will ask you to have an assessment and a blood test. We might also send you for further scans and to find out if you at risk of falls.

Once we’ve collected all the information we need, we’ll let you know whether you’re at risk of osteoporosis and make recommendations for treatment to your GP.

Every time you have a fracture, you’re at risk of significant illness and showing signs of underlying falls risk and bone fragility. If we think you need it, we might refer you to our falls prevention team.

We don’t take referrals for our fracture liaison service. Instead, if you're registered with a West Berkshire GP, we’ll assess you during your visit to Royal Berkshire Hospital (RBS).

If we concerned about osteoporosis, we’ll make recommendations to your GP about possible treatment options. We might also refer you to our falls prevention team.

You can contact our service between the following times:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8am - 4pm 8am - 4pm 8am - 4pm 8am - 4pm 8am - 4pm

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