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Talking Therapies Berkshire

If you’re experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, phobias and other mental health problems, we can help you through different types of talking therapy.

Once you’re referred into our service, we’ll book a telephone assessment with you to understand more about the difficulties you’re having so we can recommend the right type of therapy. We might ask you to speak to more than one member of our team to make sure we explore every option.

We’ll also ask you which areas you’d like to work on and give you a chance to ask us any questions you might have.

We have a team of advisors and therapists who can help you overcome and manage your difficulties through computer based therapy, various courses, workshops, face-to-face therapy and counselling.

We treat conditions including:

  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Panic
  • Stress
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Before your first appointment, it would be helpful to familiarise yourself with our questionnaires which you might find useful to have with you during your assessment.

Download our Talking Therapies questionnaires

To access our service, you can self-refer or ask your healthcare professional to refer you.

Phone number  0300 365 2000

Email address 

Healthcare professional referral form

You can contact our service between the following times:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8am - 8pm 8am - 8pm 8am - 8pm 8am - 8pm 8am - 5pm

“My journey started when, after two months of me either crying or me wanting to hurt myself, I went to the doctors.

I was put on antidepressants and after another a month-and-a-half they hadn’t helped so my doctor said about Talking Therapies.

She referred me and after a short time I had a lovely lady call me. I sat and cried through nearly the whole call and after that another lovely lady phoned me and set up my first appointment.

When I first started visiting Talking Therapies I was so bad I wanted to hide, but with the help and love of my family and the amazing help of Talking Therapies I now look up straight and have a lot more confidence. I now look at things in a positive way and believe me it makes a difference. It makes you feel good inside.”

“When I first met my therapist she explained what the therapy involved and how it worked. My first thoughts were that she really did not understand how severe my problem was and how long I had had to live with it. But I had always promised myself I would try anything to get rid of my phobias so decided to go with it. It is not easy, you have to be willing to push yourself and sometimes it is very uncomfortable, but you get great support and the results are amazing. I can now go around a supermarket independently, I can take my dog for a walk in my local woods and, after sixteen years, I have recently started driving again. I am far more assertive, I do not have to continually apologise or worry about upsetting people and I am learning to value my achievements. I never thought it would be possible for me to not have to rely on other people or that I would be able to feel so relaxed and confident. I would really recommend this therapy - it could change your life too.”

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