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We feel it’s really important to involve you in your own treatment, and in developing our services so that they’re based around your needs and ideas. Participation is the active involvement of young people and their family members in making decisions within therapy and about CYPF in general.

As someone who uses our services, having a say in the decisions that affect you is one of your basic human rights (Article 12, UNCRC). You are the best person to describe your experiences from your perspective. Participation also helps raise awareness of the issues that are important to other people who use our services.

Participation provides a chance to use your views and ideas to make our services better. It can also help build your confidence.

You’ll get to take part in interesting activities, learn new skills, find out about how services that affect you work, and have exciting opportunities to make a difference.

These look great on your ‘Record of Achievement’ and we can write a reference for you if you apply for college, a job or university.

You’ll meet other like-minded people at groups and events and enjoy a fun, friendly and relaxed atmosphere where you can meet and make new friends.

You’ll also receive a £10 Amazon voucher each time you attend one of our Service User Steering Groups.

We currently run regular CAMHS group sessions, which are open to any young person who has accessed our services or is waiting to do so, and their parents, carers or other family members. We also run participation events during each school holiday for children, young people, parents and other family members. However, you don’t have to attend groups or events to become involved. You can take part through email, telephone or individual meetings, if it feels more comfortable that way.

  • Attend meetings to help us make decisions about the service
  • Carry out inspections of our clinics to give advice on how we can make them better places for you to visit
  • Help interview people who apply to work for us so that you can play a big part in choosing the right people
  • Help design and plan the content of this website
  • Write about your experience and share tips for other young people
  • Attend one of our art sessions to produce art and craft for our buildings
  • Review our leaflets and other aspects of information delivery
  • Produce and appear in short videos about our services
  • Take part in games at our steering groups, meet other service users and enjoy activities such as cooking

Your opinion matters greatly to us, and we use everything you tell us to improve the service we are able to deliver. The image below shows what some of our CAMHS users have told us, and what we have done as a result.

You said, we did

Contact Daryl Nicholas, our Participation Lead, at giving him your name, age and the town/area where you live.

You can also ask your clinician to contact Daryl to pass on these details and your email address or phone number.

The charity In Control, with the help of children, young people, families and practitioners from across the country, has devised questionnaires for people to complete about the impact of having an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). This is called POET - Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool.

Parents and carers have been invited to contribute to this survey here

There is also a survey for children and young people to complete here.

Locally, the results of this survey will be used to monitor how we are doing and how we can make improvements. The information you give will also be used in a national report to help improve the way things are done for others in England.

If you would like to know more about the work of In Control or see previous Children and Young People’s POET reports you can visit the In Control website.

The CAMHS team are doing research together with clinicians and researchers from the NHS and the University of Nottingham.

The research is for children and young people with emotional difficulties who have recently been referred to CAMHS. We want to find out whether collecting additional information about the difficulties young people are having helps with understanding their difficulties and offering the right help.

We are looking for 1,210 children/young people and their parents/carers to take part in the research. You may be invited to take part but it is up to you whether or not to be involved. We will give you more information and answer any questions you have. Whether or not you choose to take part, it will not affect the care you receive.

More information about the trial is available at the STADIA website.