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Integrated Pain and Spinal Service (IPASS)

If you’re suffering from persistent pain (chronic or long term) or a spinal problem, we can help diagnose your condition and provide support, advice and, in some cases, treatment.

Our treatment focuses on both your body and your mind by understanding how pain is affecting every aspect of your life.

Long term or chronic pain can have serious effects on our day-to-day and work life, fitness levels, relationships and overall mood. It’s not unusual to start having negative and unpleasant thoughts or emotions as a result of this pain.

Our specialist team work with you to understand your pain and how it affects you, helping you to recover your fitness and improve your mood and quality of life.

We’ll offer you a personalised care plan which could include any of the following treatments:

  • Referring you to our groups, such as our Pain Management Programme or Fibromyalgia group
  • One-to-one Physiotherapy sessions
  • One-to-one Psychology sessions
  • Psychology sessions with your partner
  • One-off educational sessions on pain management

Our specialist team will work with you during your assessment to diagnose your condition, including ordering extra tests such as X-rays, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) or blood tests.

Once we understand the problem and how it’s impacting your life, we’ll offer you with a number of treatments, including:

  • One-to-one Physiotherapy sessions
  • Referring you to our exercise rehabilitation or pain management groups
  • Spinal injections, such as epidurals and nerve root blocks
  • An orthopaedic surgical opinion
  • Arranging onward referral to other services, such as neurology or rheumatology

We’ve put together some useful information about nerve root pain and spinal stenosis to help you understand your condition and how you can self-manage.

Once you’ve been referred into our service, we’ll invite you for an initial assessment. We’ll ask you to complete and bring along a questionnaire to help us understand your problem and a copy of any medications you’re currently on.


We’re happy for you to bring a friend or family member along to the assessment and ask that you wear loose clothing, as we may need you to remove some items for the physical examination if you’re having spinal problems.

During the assessment, we’ll ask you about your symptoms and how they are affecting your quality of life before talking about the types of treatment that are available to you.

After your assessment, we’ll send you and your GP information about your treatment plan and any further tests we need to carry out.

To access our service, you need to be over 16 years old and registered with a West Berkshire GP. Your GP will need to make the referral for you through E-referral and filling out our referral form and Keele STarT Back Tool.

Criteria for our pain service

  • You’ve been experiencing pain for more than six months and haven’t responded to standard medical treatment, such as analgesia
  • You want to learn to manage your pain
  • You have or are waiting for a Fibromyalgia diagnosis

Criteria for our spinal service

  • You’ve had an acute episode (less than six months) of spinal or referred (arm or leg) pain
  • Your symptoms, such as pain, different sensation or muscle power, are getting worse