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Make an adult community health referral

To make things easier, our HealthHub team handle all referrals for our community services.

Our clinical triage team will be in touch as soon as possible to let you know which service your referral has been passed on to.

If you need to make an urgent referral, please contact your GP and ask them to make a phone referral for you.

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
2nd Floor, The Old Forge
45-47 Peach Street
RG40 1XJ

Phone number  0300 365 1234

Email address

Fax number  0300 365 0400

Making a self-referral

If you’re making a self-referral, please check the service webpage first. We don’t take self-referrals for every service and you may need to contact a healthcare professional first.

Other ways to make a referral

If you’re a healthcare professional, you can find more information about and make referrals to some of our services through our Doctors Desktop website.

Visit our Doctors Desktop

Our Admissions Avoidance website and app

To help reduce unnecessary hospital admissions, we've developed a website full of useful resources. Healthcare professionals can use this website or download it to your phone as an app.

Visit our Admissions Avoidance website