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The secure email standard

Since the introduction of the secure email standard (DCB1596), we’ve introduced a new email solution that allows us to send sensitive and confidential information securely to other health and social care organisations, providing a joined-up approach to patient care.

Previously, we’ve only been able to use our email accounts but our new solution - which is accredited by the Department of Health and complies with recognised Government and international digital security standards - means we can now send and receive secure information using our email accounts.

Over the next six months, we’ll be phasing out all of our email addresses and making the standard for all our email communications.

You’ll find that this change affects all our staff and organisation email addresses (including generic mailboxes for services and referrals) but will make it easier to work with us, as we’ll only need to monitor one inbox going forward.

You can find more information about the secure email standard and view our NHS Digital email accreditation on the NHS digital website.